Friday, 23 September 2016

WPS Connect Android APP APK Download For your Smartphones

WPS Connect is the Wi-Fi protected setup which is found on few wireless routers for verification of the router’s vulnerability by getting the access from the admin. You can use WPS Connect to connect other external devices with your wireless network. You can easily and securely connect various wireless devices like iPads, smartphones etc. via WPS Connect without getting any access, permission or without knowing the keyword or password for accessibility. To use this app both the devices which you want to connect must support WPS.

WPS Connect comes with different algorithms like Zhao Chesung and default PINs. If you have the privilege to access your router then you can change the password easily.  You need to have a rooted device to use WPS Connect app. This app is mainly designed for education purpose; hence you cannot misuse this app.

You can check your router’s privilege and accessibility via WPS connect. This app protects your credential details of your router by giving security measures. This app is the user-friendly app which is very easy to use. To connect your device to the router, you have to follow all the instructions for your device. You have to press the WPS button, to follow the instructions.

To use this app you require a device which is rooted. You must have an internet connection and a router device as well. Many experts tested the app on the LG G2, Nexus 5, and Samsung Galaxy S3 devices. So if you want to connect other external devices with your wireless network then download this application.

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